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Bagpipes and Fiddle-ing Around

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Hi all!

Here's a short exercise I did working on mixing and balancing. I studied music education, not composition or technology, so mixing/etc. is an unfamiliar field for me.

I'm getting some rough, almost static-like noises mixed in with my sounds - especially at the beginning and ending. Does anyone know what would cause that or how I could eliminate it?

I used panning and equalization, mostly, does that help to clean up some of the "clashing frequencies"? Let me know, I'm trying to train my ear to hear these things.



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I have no real knowledge about mixing whatsoever, only what I've picked up from listening to certain pop records dozens of times. However, I'm pretty confident that hard panning an instrument from all the way to the left to the opposite extreme is a bad idea. I'm pretty sensitive to that kind of sonic change, and listening with headphones made my eyes water. That's not to say that panning is a bad idea, as I'm sure it's a massive help as far as clarity goes, but I think a more subtle effect would be preferable. I'm sorry, I don't know enough to give anymore insight than that.


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I see you have some sort of flanger or phaser effect in the background there that goes from one side of my headphones to the other that you accomplished by panning. It's kinda cool how you created such an effect without using that actual effect.

The main theme sounds good though. But I'm confused when you say static noise, are you talking about the sound that travels from left to right?

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There was a static sound showing up in my speakers and headphones when I uploaded/listened to the file from my home, but now that I'm listening from another computer it's not there... Strange.

Thanks for the feedback guys, sorry to make your eyes water fish fry! Next time I'll try to accomplish that with beautiful music, not awkward panning hahahaha.

Gustav Johnson

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