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The Bloodstained March (Symphonic Composition)

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So, I tried to ground myself with this piece. I would just stick to one melodic idea without running around to much, while still having a varied and busy arrangement. If the main theme of this piece isn't stuck in your head, that means I've failed :P Anyhow, here is "The Bloodstained March".


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Ending was a bit abrupt. It doesn't really feel like it other than the rit and the 6/4 chord but is unimpactful coming off.
I didn't have the main "theme" stuck in my head, but the rhythmic motif was developed very nicely throughout this piece, so that became more memorable.
There's almost too much going on this piece. Almost. You're just behind the line but the gamak style embellishments you add in the strings can be a bit much sometimes.

Overall, pretty good writing. 

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