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Op104 Symphonic Overture

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This is the piece I newly composed, hope everyone like it, and @Monarcheon welcome your commentation.

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I think you've done an intense work on orchestration. Setting aside the fact that I don't like very much this style, the main issue for me is that during the whole piece the main motive remains almost unchanged. This motive is not complex nor elaborated. After few minutes I get a bit bored of it. You've focused the variations in the arrangement of the instruments and/or a change of tonality. But there is not much work on the motive itself. You have not explored other possibilities for variation (a change of time signature. ...)

I also think there is an overuse of pizzicatto, and I always doubt when I see double stops and that (perhaps 5ths in pizz. are not easy, I don't know).

For a large score like this there are not dynamics at all.

In this style chromatic lines are dangerous,  m. 190 seems dissonant to me.

One thing I don't understand is the introduction of a marimba in Var. VII ¿? The piece seems to belong to a pre-classic era, why marimba? It was developed in the last decades of 19th century. I mean, if I wanted to compose something sooo classic, I would stay in the style. If I wanted to do something "neoclassic" I would introduce other modern elements.

Perhaps the most important, in my opinion, is the work with motives. 

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