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This is a Demo I made for a Music Production Course I will be giving soon, it will be a short course, just and introducion to the use of DAW, VST and libraries. We will end by re-creating this same track with the students. I made this thinking of what Epic Music usually sounds in trailers.

Created with:
Cubase Elements 9
Kontakt 5
Cinesamples CineBrass
Cinesamples Drums of War 2
Cinesamples Deep Percussion Beds 2
Cinesamples Voxos Epic Choir
Alicia Keys Acoustic Piano
ProjectSAM Symphobia 2
Elite Orchestral Percussion
Vienna Symphonic Library
Los Angeles Scoring Strings


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Those bagpipes-like things were mixed really oddly in the beginning... a bit too strident. Having them go to m9 on top of your V/vi chord was a weird choice too. Some of your cymbals also came out a bit too much in the beginning. 
Really great chord changes in the main loud section. A mix of phrygian and minor might be something to watch out for occasionally.
I also thought the last chord was a little bit weak, I'm not sure why. Maybe more bass needed or a high tonic. Either way, it just needed more to my ears.
I'm sure you'll teach your students well!

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Hey, thank you both for your comments, I'll check those cymbals but that changes from one speakers to another.

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