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Three Sententiae for Trumpet and Piano, Op. 296


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These are my "Three Sententiae for Trumpet and Piano, Op. 296". They are my first pieces ever written for the duo of trumpet and piano.

I sent them to a professional trumpeter who had made a call for pieces for trumpet and piano, but I never heard from them! Obviously they didn't like it and in all rudeness couldn't even acknowledge receipt of the pieces! It's their loss and your gain! I post it here for your enjoyment and feedback which I will appreciate.

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1. Really disjointed sounding, at least to me. And I know it's supposed to be pointalistic but it suffered from a lack of coherency from what I heard. Yes, I hear the main motive repeated but I struggle to find one all-encompassing motivic style. Some of the notes mesh poorly in the vertical sense (mm. 8, 9) and overall it just didn't really speak to me.

2. The motivic line and the ripieno line really don't match to me. I know that it's repeated, but that doesn't inherently justify its use. There are more places where the vertical chords don't really blend as well. I would have personally used the rhythm of the last measure as the main motif, since it fits better with the time signature and progresses with chords rather than separate, polymodal lines.

3. This one was more enjoyable. My only real complaint is that you seem to have a strange disconnect between the tonic and dominant chords in the first system of music. This one flows a lot better than the other two though.

I agree that the trumpeter should have acknowledged the work, at the very least. There's elitism, then there's being stuck up. I'm sorry you had to deal with that. 


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