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Hi everyone! This is an orchestral waltz that I've composed a few years ago, but it was only now when I got back to the piece again and I re-arranged it for a 35 piece orchestra which will play it on a film music festival in Bratislava in October. Hopefully, you'll like it, let me know please! :)



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Pretty.  It shares similarities with Shostakovich's Waltz from his Jazz Suite so you've definitely nailed the Russian flavor.

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This is a nice piece, but I have a few suggestions:

1. Starting at 0:38 (second theme), I'd add another part that's rhythmically different from the existing parts (e.g a counter melody for a woodwind instrument) to spice up that section a little, just like you did at the last repetition of the theme. Overall, you could have different harmonies and counter melodies going each time you repeat the theme.

2. At 0:8, I would keep the C minor tonic triad going and remove the D4 and F4 because it's a little clashy and doesn't fit so well in that context. Also applies at 0:24, 0:36, 0:40, 0:53, 0:57, 2:19, 2:27 (keep the E-flat major tonic triad) and 2:36.

3. At 0:20, I'd remove the F4 and replace it with another note in the C minor tonic triad.

4. At 1:1, I'd replace the G4 with an F4, as G4 doesn't fit in that context well.

5. Overall, you could change the motion more often.

6. At 2:23, I would keep the ii6 chord going and remove the C4 and E-flat4. These two notes do not fit so well in this context and clash with the melody a little.

7. I'd add more motion at the end.

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