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Caliban: Devil or Man-- French Horn and Piano Duet


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This was a project I did for English class where I wrote a duet for french horn and piano to represent the two ways the character Caliban is viewed in Shakespeare's play, the Tempest. The outside sections show him as a devil, the inside shows his humanlike qualities.

I would love to hear feedback on this!

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1. Horn in C, huh? :happy:
2. Your horn doesn't really play what you have written rhythmically.
3. You should use a key change to C major/F major instead of keeping the C minor one.
4. C major doesn't really capture the point of humanity in that play?
5. It also doesn't have a lot of drama, especially from a live performance. I think the orchestration can either be more rich or more fluid in each of the devil sections. Contrast is important, as is the composer's job to think about audience complacency.
I think your ideas are cool, they just need to go further!

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