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Found 16 results

  1. I have written this as part of the Christmas music project. It's a revision of a carol I wrote a couple of years ago (which can be found here) based on Shakespeare's "Song of the Holly." It is for SATB choir and an accompaniment.
  2. This is my submission for the Summer Competition. Please read the Program Notes for further explanation. As usual, comments and feedback is absolutely welcome! Thanks in advance...
  3. This is a Christmas carol for SATB chorus, based on William Shakespeare's poem "Song of the Holly"
  4. Hello, friends! I am very new to this forum, and just thought I would put this setting of Shakespeare's 8th Sonnet out here. I am open to any criticisms or feedback you have to offer. I apologize for the sub-par recording. The choir did not have overlong to rehearse, and the tenor and sopranos are especially strident sometimes. Which may be partly my fault at times, but it wasn't all my fault! Haha.
  5. This was a project I did for English class where I wrote a duet for french horn and piano to represent the two ways the character Caliban is viewed in Shakespeare's play, the Tempest. The outside sections show him as a devil, the inside shows his humanlike qualities. I would love to hear feedback on this!
  6. YC 2016 SUMMER COMPETITION RESULTS Reviewing and scoring has been completed by the judges. Before I share the results, I just want to say a few things: Firstly, I again want to congratulate all the entrants who participated. You guys really stepped up and submitted some wonderful entries! I also hope we can have this type of participation in future competitions! Secondly, I want to thank the judges for their time. I'm sure they would all agree with me when I say that it was really hard to pick a winner for this contest. Thirdly, and most importantly....all scores/r
  7. SUMMER COMPETITION - 2016 Hello! As part of the website's recent "makeover", we have decided to bring back the seasonal competitions after a hiatus. As of now, these competitions will be held on a seasonal quarterly basis, each based on a specific theme/topic. If anyone has suggestions for future competitions, please send me a private message on this site. As some of you know, this year marks the 400th anniversary of William Shakespeare's death. For those of you unfamiliar with Shakespeare, he was a renowned poet and playwright who wrote many of the English language's greatest works
  8. Hi, This is my entry for the summer competition, I hope you enjoy. Some notes not covered by the program notes: 1) I know there are some minor errors in the score, namely lack of "instrument names" in the second variation. I didn't notice them until too late and I do not have the files with me to correct them - so be it. I also know that the variations are not titled, that was somewhat intentional but mostly a cause of me not having enough time to properly finish the score. Actually, Lilypond is my engraver of choice but I really didn't have time for all that noise this time aro
  9. Hello all, This is my entry for this summer's Shakespeare contest. It is based on two soliloquies from the play Titus Andronicus. Enjoy! Marc
  10. This piece of mine - Soliloquy for Violin No. 28: A Personal Reflection on Shakespeare's "To Be or Not to Be" Question (Hamlet) ('Mi'* Be; Do Be; 'Mi' Be) - was inspired in response to the competition on the theme of Shakespeare that is currently being held in this website. However, it falls short of one of the criteria of the the competition in being less than five minutes long. I consider it to be one of my good pieces and so wanted to still share it. I hope you enjoy it. As for the extra-musical associations of the piece, I have already explained in the score via asterisks which I repr
  11. My submission for the Shakespeare summer competition. Looking forward to hearing from the judges. Hope anyone else who listens enjoys, and comments of any sort are always welcome.
  12. This is my submission to Danish's Summer Shakespeare contest. I hope that I put everything in its right place.
  13. Hello all! This is my entry for the summer competition based on a work by Shakespeare. I connected the most with his tragedy King Lear, and so I wrote a large orchestral piece about it, with various moments from the play annotated (corresponding to the music). Enjoy!
  14. This is my entry for the Shakespeare contest. It's an elegiac song upon the famous Macbeth's soliloquy. Hope you enjoy^^
  15. This thread is only for entrants for the summer competition to post their entries. If you have comments/questions/concerns, please post them on the competition announcement thread: Directions (PLEASE READ CAREFULLY): 1. DO NOT UPLOAD YOUR ENTRY DIRECTLY TO THIS THREAD! 2. Upload your music as if you would in one of the appropriate composition category threads (orchestral/large ensembles, chamber, choral, etc.) 3. Copy the link and paste it on this thread. PLEASE DO NOT POST ANYTHING ELSE EXCEPT ENTRIES! I also have reposted the scoring guideline bel
  16. Hello to all fellow composers. I have been thinking a lot about composing another opera, but I am having trouble in finding a good story that would be suitable for it. It might help if I tell you a bit about my previous operas that I have written in the past few years. My first attempt in this field was made in late 2008. I was only about eleven when I made up my mind to compose a two hour long opera based on the Andersen fairy tale "The Swineherd." It was about a prince who wants to win the heart of a princess in a nearby kingdom. He sends over priceless gifts which she pretty much ignores
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