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Summer is coming !

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It's alright. It really needs a change in chord progression, in my opinion, especially since so many phrase attributes of it are repeated and similar. It was a cool idea how you layered parts over each other in the beginning, but it became somewhat banal as the thing went along. This was probably also due in part to the unchanging low mood of the piece... with more dynamic change, it could have been a lot more engaging. It's very well written in terms of orchestration, but it just needs more, I think.

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Very fresh and light!
I like how you try to imitate and use some 'summer elements' like a small refreshing breeze of air in the heat and 'Carinbean' instruments.
I echo Monarcheon's points. From 2:03 the music is too much of the same. Variation in the chord progression could help.
Beautiful picture by the way! 

You did pretty well, but you have to work on how to keeping hold of the listener's attention.

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