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I enjoyed the arrangement quite a lot, someone else would be better commenting on the harmony, but the only improvement I would suggest right now is to adjust where the third instrument (violin) comes in, at 19 seconds. I found it quite jarring for this new part with the rest of the instruments coming in slightly later and not in time with the original beat. I don't know if you wanted to slow the piece down or create a more unexpected entrance for this instrument, which can work and I feel if you eased into it, it maybe could've worked a lot more smoothly.

It also happens at 31 seconds, might just be me who feels this, I still enjoyed the piece though :)

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The hemiola in here was a great touch. In the beginning counterpoint, sometimes you would make some tritone leaps which doesn't go so smoothly compared to a more scalar effect. In that way, it sometimes seemed like you had a vision with one of the instruments melodically, and the other instrument was just kind of strapped in there, just based on how it all intertwines. 
The tam-tam like sound at 1:51 was kind of jarringly out of place for me. It just comes in at a weird time in the middle of the phrase and isn't really predicated.
And AHHH the not resolving at the end! Is this a loop? If not, I'd throw in another A minor chord at the end otherwise it just sounds incomplete.
But overall, nice job with the planning out of this one, especially sectionally.

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It's great - excellent development and movement thru sections..  I personally might drop the percussion all together..  Percussion in orchestral pieces are sometimes difficult.  Because the samples just don't seem to be in the same sonic space as the other instruments = strings, piano..   They sound muddy, and don't sound like they are played in the right place..

The cohesion of piano and strings is really excellent.  Those two 'players' are totally emotionally and rhythmically in sync with each other.   The percussionist on the other hand, is playing for himself, and not 'gelling' with the other players..  Perhaps a lighter percussion sound..  (or at least some EQ).. 

The concept and execution is flawless.  very good.

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