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Piano Nocturne Feedback Wanted

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Please check out my first Nocturne Piano Solo. I would love feedback and constructive criticism. 

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The mixture between functional and non functional harmony is really nice. How you vary the sections that repeat also is nice, though sometimes could be a little more subtle. I will have to say I really didn't like the ending on the #vii chord. The modulation wasn't really clear and it doesn't particularly sound like an unresolved dominant either like in the Barber Adagio.
The other issue is actually with that non-functional harmony. Sometimes it's kind of hard to see what this piece is trying to be or say when it shifts so often. #vii, v, and ii chords are all interesting ways to shift the harmony, but at times it doesn't seem very cohesive. 
But overall, you have a cool piece that definitely doesn't like to conform!


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I like it too.  It could use some dynamics though, for a nocturne it seems very loud throughout, there are no contrasting quiet moments that bring a sense of introspection that I think a nocturne should have.  Also I would like to hear even a short transition into another key, possibly a major key.  Again this is to bring some contrast to the darker minor key that the piece has throughout.  There is definitely material to work with so why not have a go and see what you can come up with.


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Sorry I'm late, but here's my thoughts. It's good overall, but a few things could use some attention.

0:8 and 0:26: The left hand really doesn't need to play E-flat. A D would do.

0:12: An A major chord seems weird here. What about an F major chord?

0:18: the pause was slightly too long

0:29 and 1;:29:: F-sharp in te left hand really doesn't sound nice here. What about D instead?

The melody suddenly stops for a long period of time. Could you fill that in?

1:0: keep the motion going

1:7: F preffered over E-flat (left hand). A diminished triad sounds harsh.

1:25: G shounds awkward here

1:45: unnecessary B-flat (left hand)

1:52: early chord change, should be delayed to 1:57

It would be nice if you ended in the tonic key.

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