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Here's a piece I did 3 years ago..  Exploring EZ listening, trying to sooth ravaged nervous system, which seems to be so common, as we age, and still try to take the world seriously. I built a sound palette using 'comfort food' sounds..  This way the song was already half way there.  I've been interested in the psychological impact of the sound of particular instruments.. I started with the premise there were several instruments in the conversation, each with a similar attitude, but slightly different point to add (specific motifs for each)..  

Like an accordion, can sound corny, but it also can sound very comforting, remind you of your ethnic background (if that fits, being 1/2 Italian yes)..  It will also automatically draw up feelings of nostalgia, if the right melody, and modal scales are used.. 

The epiano, along with its chords, draws in a relaxed atmosphere..  (some Mike McDonald, Dooby Brothers easy pieces)..  I threw in some jazz electric guitar soloing, to make is sound 'sophisticated?'..   The flute of course always conjures up a certain frame of mind..  The mellow sax, furthers the relaxed state of mind..

There is a fair amount of dialog between the different instruments, almost makes it feel like a 'town meeting', between instruments, regionality of instruments home land.. 

The sax and jazz guitar double at the end, letting the listener know the instruments are in complete agreement in their conversation.. 

The mellow brass, and simple high strings, set the framework for the whole conversation. 

During this period (and still to the present), I most often start with a chord progression, experimenting a fair amount, with substitutions, sine waving with simple to complex chords, coming back down, Playing with pacing of chord changes, to further vary the dialog..  Then I often just 'jam' with different instrument sounds, till I get an instrument actually making some kind of statement. When I start to get a couple of musical instrument statements, I begin the process of actually having them 'dialog' with each other..  I know some here don't appreciate the large number of instruments/sounds I sometimes use..  But it seems an area of exploration, I must work my way thru..  I do truly admire those who get a point across with a minimum of instruments.. but I feel obliged to experiment in the area.

As piece comes together, I sometimes have to go back and delicately alter chord progression, because of new chords implied by specific notes of a melodic motif.. So for me, the process of composing is much like having a woman's complex dress (with many different panels and colors) sitting on a dress form.. I am constantly going here, letting something out, tucking in another area.. taking one panel out, and replacing with two different colored panels, filling the same shape.  Another way of looking at it, is 'creating' a cross-word puzzle'.  You start with a couple of nice big complex words, then you have to fill in the rest of the puzzle with words, that will fit. 

I have recently been 'binge watching' video on Amazon Prime.. I recently finished two series, 'The Wire' and 'Falling Skies'.. Each one was five seasons long..  They both gave me insight into how they could continue a story line, over such a long period..  In both series, both shows, killed off some actors, introduced new ones, in each succeeding season.. A pattern I clearly see in my life at the age of 68 now..  Life is a series of chapters, (like the seasons of a TV show). Each season, or chapter in our lives, has a central focus.. Some issues get resolved, others carry on for part, some or all of our narration.  Some characters, carry through several or most chapters..  In one's one life,  if we are lucky we get to have a significant person, (mate, best friend) be there for the whole show.. Other people are involved for a certain amount of time..  This works perfectly with a long piece of music. I am intrigued by the possibllities of certain instruments, being particularly actors, carrying the story line forward, the plot twists and turns, to keep interest alive.. but fundamental issues, carry through the whole story. 

In both series, and from what I've noticed in the patterns of life, some characters, resolve their conflicts, yet others still remain almost the same, in spite of everything that has happened to them.. Some get the lesson, and adapt, others do not, and are doomed to repeat the same cycle.



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Beginning: I think that F in the violin was a little too long and/or present. Normally these are just simulated high rise effects as opposed to an actual note.
Chromatic walk-ups in the bass sometimes feel a little forced when they don't really "fit" your I-V7 resolution.
Somewhere there was a #VI chord (I think; it went by so fast and I can't rewind on Safari) which is kind of awkward...
Switching of melody timbres is nice and breaks down the piece into certain laid back parts. However, because of the nature of the piece, it doesn't real feel all that different or impactful since it tries to maintain a consistently low tone.
Also, I would resolve that last vii chord up to B-flat with a wind chime or something just to make it feel complete.
Good job!

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