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This is a minimalistic piece I wrote for the Feast of Corpus Christi. The melody I think is easy to sing for any amateur choir. I did not want to write a poliphonic and 'large', massive piece. I tried to express the beauty of the text by it's simplicity.

You sing the verses between the repeat bars ( not needed to sing all of them), then you sing the 'Amen. Alleluia.' part. In theese short minimalistic pieces, I always let the conductor decide the dynamics and the accelerations-deceleration. Only the most important of them are written.

As the harmonies I used, I'm open to any suggestion, that helps me to make the piece more likely fit in the mood it has. There might be more proper solutions I did not take into consideration.


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Thank you for replys! I'm happy to hear it sounds nice to others.

Luis Hernández! My native language is not English, maybe I used 'minimalistic' as a non-proper for for a music without complex structure neither counter-point. In my vocabulary, 'minimalistic' meant to be simple :). But you are totally right it is choral style, maybe I had to use that phrase.


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Well-suited for its purpose! I could envision its use in mass very well.

But is there a reason for f minor? Wouldn’t people in lay choirs prefer music that is easier readable (i.e with less key signatures)? Also, it is often used for lament and death, but "Pange lingua" is full of wondrous praise! While praise can be expressed in minor tonalities rather well, I think e minor or g minor would make it easier for the people learning the piece and, as people rarely sing in equal temperament, would make the piece more harmonious in practice.

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