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Luis Hernández

2 - 6 - 3

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Sometimes I take ideas, fragments, etc..., from anywhere (a tune, a pop song...). That's what happened here.

263_ Partitura completa.pdf



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Reminds me of a Schoenbergian exercise. Schenck as well. Where you take the harmony is quite impressive with the section feeling pretty complete despite the length. Certain aspects of it feel pentatonic which I found a bit weird, but it works out. 
The "left hand in 16th" motion sometimes feels a bit strained despite following a pattern against the right, because of adherence to the harmony, ironically.
Anything to do with your Eb major or minor chords comes off as awkward. Picardy and phrase modulation feelings always feel a little bit off, disrupting the flow.
The huge piano rolls you normally use in your pieces also kind of stretch to their limits in this one...

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