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Music From My Lens: A Musical Depiction of a Selection of My Photographs


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This is my "Music From My Lens: A Musical Depiction of a Selection of My Photographs". It is a group of 8 movements based on 8 animal photographs of mine. It is my submission to the YC Summer 2017 composition competition.

I have described the work in much more detail as well as providing a description of each movement in the attached PDF file called "Description of the Music and the Photos". That file also contains the 8 photos on which the music is based.

I hope you enjoy the work.


EDIT: GMT 12:45PM, minutes after posting, I uploaded the correct "Description of the Music and the Photos" PDF, since the old one had a photo missing! 

Edited by luderart
Corrected the titles of the last two photos.
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Thanks Kimoworld, Monarcheon, and ilv for your reviews and appreciation!

On 9/12/2017 at 7:13 AM, Monarcheon said:

I just want to say looking through the materials (I'm not a judge anymore) that your photography is wonderful! I wish I had that eye and steady hand. :happytears:


Thanks for appreciating the photography!

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