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Hello! Here is the link to my last piece...it is a piano quintet written thinking about the little things that nature offers us, and we don't notice...Let me know if you would like to see the score! 


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Nice and dramatic.

I like how you introduce all instruments one by one.
Some melodies and chords sound like unintended dissonances for instance in m.19: C in strings against D in piano.
You really should revise the harmony throughout the entire piece.
To be honest the melody sounds unlogical to me. It does not fulfill my expectations where the melody goes to. However, the quarter triplet adds some freedom to the music, which is very done smartly.
The variations of the melody result into interesting music that does not bore me.
By the way, the rhythmic pattern in the piano left hand part may need some variation too.

At m.45 I really like the chord progression and the restful mood of the solo piano.
It was very satisfying to hear the repetition of the main theme with some variation.
Once again, please check the harmonic relationship between the melody and harmony, because some chords seem to clash, whereas they don't need to clash.

The Violoncello countersubject is not very convincing. I suggest you compose a new countersubject or just leave the piano play the melody alone.
The countersubject in the viola combined with the violoncello is much more convincing, but still it needs some shaving.
The ending sounds like a real climax, which is extremely powerful. Once again, check the harmony.

In conclusion, I enjoyed listening to your composition. The music has its ups and downs and most of these downs can be improved by checking the relationship between the melody and harmony, because there are many places where the melody unnecessarily clashes with the harmony.

May I ask you what soundfont you use for the music program? The sound of the piano is pretty realistic.

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@Maarten Bauer thanks so much for your review! Yes you are right...there are many spots where melody does not meet harmony perfectly...my fault. I should take some time to revise this kind of things before asking for advices...And next time I will...

Also thanks for the good things you said about the piece!

They're not soundfonts...I produced the piece using Cubase and vst instruments...piano in particulare is addictive keys.

What I have learned from you review is to better revise my pieces :grin:

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