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Me And My Baby


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Here's a song I did  wth a singer, Seven Moshod.  It's RnB, pop, soul  I guess you'd call it..  Unlike me, Seven ad-libs constantly, never sings something the same way twice.. I used to be like that, now I feel so constrained, and controlling in creating music..  This I did more ad-libbing, more like my early days of creating music, or when being in a band..  Sometimes the idea of 4 or 5 other guys, just going where they wanted frustrated me (yes, I am a control freak)..  But in looking back, it's great to hear music where all the notes came from one mind.. That shows work, attention, inspiration, and discipline.  But the other side of the coin is there is NOTHING like 4 or 5 minds focused, in tune with each other emotionally and creating something in real time.  where another player picks up on an idea instantly and falls in line with it, or builds something to support that idea. 

 The great thing with the singer Seven, was his constant changing, inspired me to do the same..  So this is more 'live', and not practiced in a way..  I puposely played the piano solo,  envisioning the kbd player with a cigarette hanging out of his lips,  so once or twice, he loses focus, when concentrating on the fire stick hanging out of his mouth.  Sorry, no score.

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