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A gigue for Piano and Violin in D minor. There are some modern characteristics, so it can be Neo-baroque. I would like helpful comments for this piece! The motif of the gigue was derived from one of Scarlatti's Sonata. 

This is one of my works I had composed just recently. I hope it is enjoyable.





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Added midi.

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Nice job overall. I recommend adding more themes. A few things to look at:

Measures 5 and 57: The second F in left hand doesn't belong.

m.7: The first C# in the right hand doesn't belong. Notes during beats 3 and 4 in the left hand do not belong.

The last note in a melodic line before a chord change cannot be a nonharmonic tone except during a suspension e.g m.9 right hand.

m.11: first half of the right hand doesn't harmonically work here.

Leaps of a augmented 4th in a bass line are awkward e.g between measures 12 and 13.

m.15: second half of left hand notes doesn't fit harmonically.

m.16: second half of measure in piano part doesn't fit.

Awkward leap in right hand between measures 16 and 17.

Measures 17 and 18: second half of measure in right hand doesn't fit.

m.17: First half of measure in left hand doesn't fit harmonically.

m.19:  G preferred over A in left hand, followed by an E for a logical fit.

m.26: Last two notes in left hand don't belong.

m.27: The E in the violin part isn't logical harmonically here, so an F is preferred.

m.30: last note of left hand should be D instead of E

m.33: it would be nice if the last eight note of the left hand were a D.

Leaps of augmented 2nds are not nice e.g m.38 left hand.

m.49: left hand doesn't fit harmonically.

m.51: awkward first C#, right hand

m.60: awkward BB chord right hand

m.62: early chord change left hand

m.63: awkward C# right hand

m.64: The triple stop at the end in the violin part is difficult to play in this context

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