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Redemption (Remixed)

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I decided to remix Seeking Redemption since the previous version had terrible quality (due to my studio headphones crapping out and so I used ear buds instead) so I bought a new pair and was able to hear the sounds better. This remixed version has better volume and quality so I hope you guys enjoy! 

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Stacking the flute and violin together is a very classical thing to do, especially in full orchestra. I think that the flute or violin could hold on its own.

The chord change around 2:02 was unexpected but it'll work. However, the chord at 3:20 was the funkier one... check it out perhaps. Also, near 3:02, you introduced the bass voice again. Since you're technically winding the piece down at that time, I don't find that the bass voice helps (as I was expecting another crescendo of some sort). Background vocals are a very precise thing and misusing it will cause the piece to sound rather unrefined. A modern example of an artist that uses the voice effectively is Two steps from Hell (try listening to their earlier stuff like Archangel). Usually, the voice kicks in when they're trying to build a climax. 

Hope these suggestions helped!

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I really wanted to help you with this one, 

as a favor under a favor, after you listened to my Rain Prayer.

I don't have any big remarks but I have two small ones-

1. I don't think that adding the bass voice there was a bad.

2. At the end of the piece, the piano is still sustained, so the cut is very sudden. If you want to keep the pedal down, I'd say... do a fade out to the piano channel.

I mean doing this:



I hope that my two small remarks were helpful,

overall the piece sounds good.

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