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Found 17 results

  1. Here you have my last composition. I crafted both preludes without the use of a piano or any other tool. Only pen, paper and my harmony knowledge were used. I challenged myself to do it this way because they are dedicated to a friend of mine who is a colorblind artist, and that reminded me of Beethoven. Both preludes use the harmonic minor tetrachord between the V and I degrees. I also make a heavy use of augmented sixths and phrygian inflections. It is probably my best composition when it comes to quality/length ratio. And it shows where my harmonic tonal limit is without the help of a piano. I hope all of you enjoy these creepy miniatures. 🙂
  2. Hi everyone! Here is a piece that I wrote called "The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath", it is inspired by the novel wrote in 1927 by American writter H.P. Lovecraft. I wanted to describe this weird winded-dream in which Lovecraft plunges his character Randolph Carter into. I've used some weird and unusual progressions and ambient sounds through the piece to try and describe this strange and dreamy universe of the novella. Any feedback from composition to production is much appreciated!
  3. Long time no see. I was busy with military business, romantic relationships, covid, etc. Now, at long last, I managed to compose a music piece after more than half a year. The piece is based around the coda of the known Bach piece "Toccata and Fugue in Dm", reimagined as a boss fight with three loop-able phases and transitions. Would love to hear your thoughts and opinions. As usual, constructive criticism is most welcome. This piece has no score because I don't think it's perform-able.
  4. First post here. Here's a piece I recently wrapped up. (Mod's, if this is the wrong sub please feel free to move)
  5. This is a work for SATB Choir and Piano that I wrote in 2017 for a competition. It's a moving work, and I would love to see it performed someday.
  6. Hey Guys, This is my brand new track. As I mentioned, it's a hybrid orchestral music, with electronic and symphonic instruments. You know, if you like it, share it, and follow me on Facebook! www.facebook.com/olivercomposing/
  7. Hello good people!! I would like to know what you think about my new piano piece, especially about the different theme changes and atmosphere. Did I get it right?? 🙂 🙂
  8. Using what I've learned from my previous post, The Tenth Insignia and reading your review @Monarcheon I decided to create something less experimental and really try and dive deep. I definitely aimed for that movie trailer-esque sound. I wanted something dark, action packed, but heavenly at the same time. I did have a hard time backing up the Cello among other mistakes in the orchestration but I hope this sets out to what makes a great track. For the climatic section, Monarcheon, I know you mentioned in my previous post it needed to be longer. In this one I was actually afraid of the listener getting bored of the length.
  9. Hello everyone, in the last few weeks I worked on this track. The idea of the melody at the beginning I had a couble months ago. Inspired from the Davy Jones theme music (Pirates of the Caribbean). In this piece I wanted to tell two different things in a pirates life. The first part of my track is about the calm moments on their ship. The picture works perfect for this part. A wonderful night scene, moonlight, the sea.. This picture was also very inspiring for me.. Anyway, the second part is about the other side when the pirate is in action. On a fight or something like this. In my opinion the second part doesn't work so well musically. I had some trouble to make it sound big. What do you think about it? I look forward to any feedback! Regards and enjoy ;)
  10. Hello guys ! i hope you like it! any criticism is welcome :)
  11. I decided to remix Seeking Redemption since the previous version had terrible quality (due to my studio headphones crapping out and so I used ear buds instead) so I bought a new pair and was able to hear the sounds better. This remixed version has better volume and quality so I hope you guys enjoy!
  12. Hey guys. I've made this peice and seem to be making a lot like this these day. Does anyone know other dudes who sound like me? Or have any feedback for me? I'm kinda in the dark hear. Any thoughts would be much appreciated. Thanks
  13. 3 tracks I composed for an indie horror video game project, which was unfortunately discontinued by it's creator after some time. Decided to still upload these pieces, since it was my first real attempt in writing something in this style.
  14. This is my first piece that I write that uses more than just piano and strings, it turned out to be an interesting experience but I still think something is lacking. In need of serious feedback.
  15. Guest

    The Ghost (Opus 23)

    Hello fellow composers! I'm leaving you with my newest composition - Th Ghost. It is written for piano, small string ensemble, synthesizers, and harp. I literally have no idea what I was thinking when I was writing this piece. I've never used that much dissonance or vague tonality. Partially I wanted to step back from the usual canon patterns that I tend to follow and do something unconventional. At least I've tried. It is a mostly thematic piece. I also had problems with mixing and changing dynamics/panning/EQ - I absolutely hate Logic standard pizzicato strings... Anyways, thank you for listening, and hope you enjoy this small piece just a little bit.
  16. I'm not necessarily new to orchestra or symphonies but I'm no expert either. Thought I'll go for a dark/light theme. I finished this last night though the ending is abrupt. Not sure how well this is done. Need opinions or advice would be welcomed.
  17. Heyoh fellow composers! I just found an year old piano improvisation in one of my messy projects. I think it actually sounds surprisingly complete for an improvisation, but I'll surely need to learn play this and rerecord it. Meanwhile, I'd like to ask what you fellas think of the structure of this? How do you react to the fast jumps from higher sections to the lows and back up? Also, as always, I'm always curious on what associations music awakes in other people, so be free to share your thoughts! Anything else crab your attention? Hints on how to make it more interesting? Any feedback highly appreciated :) Thanks!
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