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Not so (The Dancer)

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I'm writing a series of short pieces as examples for several entires I'm doing in a blog about all the ways of modulation (as far as I know). And there are many...

In this one, I use enharmonic modulation by French augmented sixth, and by augmented triads (bIII+) in minor modes.

So, I have to stay tonal for a while :dunno:

I made a video, too.

not so happy - SCORE.pdf


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Very interesting project (and surely a good exercise, though you probably don't need modulation exercises anymore). I like the poetic style, and it goes well together with the visuals.

For my personal taste, the modulation in m. 10 ff. sounds rather harsh, especially if heard as parallel to m. 4 and m. 8. Surprisingly, I experience the tritone in m. 4 as far more logical than the one in m. 10, probably because it fits in a vertical consonance, while there is a dissonance in the parallel place in m. 10. Also, the triplets with a crotchet and two semiquavers (like in m. 15) break the musical flow for me, though they are perfectly explainable as citations of the similar figure (though without triplets) in m. 3.

But these very subjective naggings aside, I really like this work and look forward further modulation exercises ;-) 

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