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Highschool Play Soundtrack

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Hello fellow composers! I'm a Junior in highschool and an aspiring composer! A little while ago I finished writing various tracks for my highschool's production of "She Kills Monsters". The play ran with great reviews and of course, alot of people enjoyed my music... however i'm lacking some proper criticism. I would very much benefit from it if you all could take a listen and tell me what could be done better or what my strong suits are.

I was recently asked to write some music for a video game mod, Iliac Bay: Tower of Dawn... so it would be great diving into that with more knowledge :)












There are a few other tracks, but these are my most intricate. The descriptions hold a bit more info about each track.

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Ok that's five tracks at one post.

I'll tell you what- I'll listen to these and give you feedback for each one,

but you have to listen to my "battle" track (under "orchestral pieces here on this site"),

and to at least three other compositions of mine (that are not "choir") and give me your feedback.



*If you want me to get a notification about your answer you need to write @rabbival507 in your message.

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These pieces don't really go anywhere, and they're not very melodic. For your  purposes, though, it's okay, if there's spoken dialogue or visual action over it. Nice job!

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