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8-bit, inside a large city (i.e. Seoul, San Francisco)

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If I composed this for an 8-bit-styled action-platforming game (Super Mario or Mega Man...), and if the background was a large city (i.e. Seoul, San Francisco, Taipei), here's what I'd compose. Swingin'.

I actually thought of this as a Mega Man level where Mega Man actually takes out the evil robots in this city background.

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11 hours ago, Monarcheon said:

Like I said, there's enough variation in the held notes to suggest polyphony where this isn't a problem.


I'm... still not quite sure what you mean with "enough to suggest polyphony where this isn't a problem". I'm sorry, but could you clarify?

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You have a substantial amount of harmony of the melody in thirds and sixths. Having this be your only source of harmony would irk me a little bit, but at the ends of your phrases you carry on your suggested voice leading in the bottom part which makes it sound more continuous, which is a good counterbalance to the constant harmony.

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