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I'm a guitar effect nerd and I like to use different guitar effects to get different tones. This is actually why I produce metal, rock. ambient or even pop music. Because with different guitar effects, I can make different music. But, most of my effects are delays, reverbs and ambient stuff.

Today I decided to make a simple guitar loop and improvise something over the loop, so I recorded a "A add9 power chord" and looped it. Then, I started recording my improvisation in A minor.

Song details :

DAW : FL Studio
FX : Valhalla Shimmer, Valhalla Space Modulator(For synth which helps guitar drone), Fruity Delay, Fruity Compressor, Amplitube 4 ('65 Fender Reverb), Guitar Gadgets, Fruity Parametric EQ2, Mobius Looper.
Instrument : Ibanez iJRG200u (electrical guitar)
VST instruments : DX7 (Computer simulated Yamaha synth).


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