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  1. Here's my first and only single i've released in my life. I wrote it at 2020, and mixed and mastered myself 2021. After the song was released, I learned a lot more on mastering so it sounds suck to me but I still love it because it's my first single. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OfGYXFE0rUQ BTW anyone know how to embed video in this website? Thanks.
  2. Hello everyone, I just finished composing a really short minuet for guitar and piano. I was not planning to compose it but I kinda want to practice some of my pieces in real instruments and I can only (barely) play piano and guitar. I tried to compose in a little bit more modern style than what I am used to, so the piece ended up having a much more modern sound to what I usually compose (particularly the section B). Not sure whether I pulled it off or not, though. As always, any feedback, suggestion or comment is appreciated! Hope you like it!
  3. Hi, this is an arrangement of "we wish you a merry christmas" , that I made to play with my girlfriend, I wanted to make it a little original and give it a twist compared to the original song, so I added a part in minor and some other little tweaks to keep it interesting. Any feedback is apreciated :3.
  4. Hello guys, I was experimenting with flamenco technique on my guitar, thought of sharing something small I created. What do you guys think? 🙂 Sorry about the audio quality, I used the regular macbook mic.
  5. Made this today in about an hour. School is cancelled for my state until the end of March, so I have some unexpected free time on my hands and figured I'd give a shot at recording my guitar and amp. I don't have the best equipment, but I try to make the best of what I have. Anyone know how to get rid of the microphone hissing at the beginning other than turning the amp volume up? Thanks!!
  6. Here it is, writing for guitar is very difficult. This is very simple. Capricho para guitarra.mp3Capricho para guitarra.pdf
  7. So, I was in youtube an then a video pop up, it was called "blues scale", and I inmediatly fell in love with that scale. So I wanted to compose something with a bluesy fell. Did I got it?. It is no finished, this 10 measures were composed in around 10 minutes. Any comments are apreciated.
  8. I took into account all your feedback and created a new version of the song. I still have the squeaky tone sometimes, but will continue working on lifting my fingers more when playing. I think its complete now and a friend suggested to publish it as a demo. Thanks again for listening! 🙂
  9. hello guys ! this is my new song!! i hope you like it! any criticism is welcome!
  10. This piece was written in Prague for a friend I made there; it is in five brief movements and the inspiration is from medieval Occitan literature. The organization of the movements depicts a "legend," or some sort of story which one recounts to another, beginning in the morning and ending in the evening. The first movement is an alba ("sunrise"), which is similar to an aubade -- a morning love poem --and the piece serves as an introduction to the set. The second movement is more lively and is a poem celebrating the arrival of spring. The third movement is pensive and reflective, highlighting the harp, and ends with an unadorned quotation of a kyrie. The fourth movement is the most vivacious in the set and is an energetic dance reinforced with numerous repetitions. The final movement is a serenata (or, serenade), which is similar in concept to the opening "alba," though a serenata occurs in the evening, thus demonstrating the course of a day's time; the piece utilizes material from all the previous movements to provide a sense of total synthesis.
  11. My work for an afternoon quick sketch. I liked the idea that occurs at 9, so I played around with an idea: how much does it really matter what I compose in the "middle" if I always bring it back to a common idea the listener can grasp hold of? I'm going to try a few more in this vein, we'll see if it pans out for me. Comments welcome - especially if I did something wrong in my writing for guitar. Thanks, Gustav
  12. Found this sweet backing track on Youtube. I just had to jam over it. I named it Ninja Blade because it has a anime theme to it lol. I love it. Wouldn't call better than Seismic Melody but I'll say this a close second. I played lead here and also some suspended chords. Also, to clarify (and this unrelated to the topic) I've had a couple of people ask if I still did orchestral composing. Answer is, I do but I'm just taking a break from that.
  13. I alredy posted the first movement last year... here is the complete piece. Unfortunately the audio is not good enough to demonstrate the piece. I am looking for guitar duo to a live performance.
  14. I am writing music for our school. We are participating in the Grampian's Children's Book Awards and my group have asked me to write some music. This is just the first draft, any criticisms welcome!
  15. I'm a guitar effect nerd and I like to use different guitar effects to get different tones. This is actually why I produce metal, rock. ambient or even pop music. Because with different guitar effects, I can make different music. But, most of my effects are delays, reverbs and ambient stuff. Today I decided to make a simple guitar loop and improvise something over the loop, so I recorded a "A add9 power chord" and looped it. Then, I started recording my improvisation in A minor. Song details : DAW : FL Studio FX : Valhalla Shimmer, Valhalla Space Modulator(For synth which helps guitar drone), Fruity Delay, Fruity Compressor, Amplitube 4 ('65 Fender Reverb), Guitar Gadgets, Fruity Parametric EQ2, Mobius Looper. Instrument : Ibanez iJRG200u (electrical guitar) VST instruments : DX7 (Computer simulated Yamaha synth).
  16. I finished a short trio recently in the spirit of baroque. I played it in a rock set, but I tried to make it look like a harpsichord )) thanks if you find a few words for my progress in this field. Serg.
  17. The melody at the beginning come from a tune I heard somewhere on an old CD player as a child, but cannot identify. If anyone recognizes the tune tell me.
  18. So, I really needed to make at least one metal song after two years! (Yeah, the last metal song I wrote was for 2016). Now, I feel so happy I did this song. I know it's not a good "metal" song, but I share it (and its score) to make my future works better!
  19. Hi everyone! I joined the forum today and i want to share two of my recent compositions. I'm not very good guitar player so please forgive my mistakes These are my compositions. I'm very new to this stuff and i would be very happy if you shared your critique with me. Dernière Valse Coeur Fissuré
  20. This is what I just improvised, using a POD farm amp simulator and free plugin "Guitar Gadgets" (with its dreamy and beautiful reverb). I played notes of D minor scale using a violin bow on my Ibanez iJRG200 guitar.
  21. Hello guys, first time posting a song here. That's a project I started not long time ago where I write all the music and lyrics in english (I'm a native portuguese speaker). It's very intimate, genuine but I'm not a pro. Any feedback would be good. Hope you like it:
  22. This is my first post on this forum, I am looking to get some feedback on a piece I have been working on recently. The chord progressions are of constant structure, non-diatonic major chords, switching to non-diatonic minor chords for the second section. Be warned, I am a big fan of dissonance; if it's too much for you please don't hesitate to include that, I sometimes go a little over the top after listening to the same thing over and over, and I don't realize until later. euphoralgia.mp3
  23. Hello, Since I am not familiar with composing (bass) guitar at all, I would like to ask some questions: Do (bass) guitarists prefer notes notated in the TAB or treble (sounding an octave lower) / bass clef? If it is the first: how does TAB work and how can I compose for the (bass) guitar in the most efficient way? Are there any special effects and how are these to be notated in the score? Examples of how these effects sound are really appreciated. Are there any limitations that I should keep in my mind when composing for the (bass) guitar? I am looking forward to your response! Maarten
  24. Hi, I was hoping I could get some advice on a clarinet solo I am writing for my audition portfolio. I only play guitar, but I wanted to write a solo for clarinet to add some variety to my portfolio. I am worried that the phrasing that I'm coming up with isn't particularly suited to the clarinet or any wind instrument for that matter. I am using Instrumentation and Orchestration by Alfred Blatter to get a better idea of what I can and cannot do on clarinet. If anyone who plays clarinet could give me some advice on if the piece is playable that would be great. Any advice on the composition itself is also welcome. I'll upload a screenshot of the first 9 measures of the score (rough; haven't add in the dynamics or other markings yet) along with a rough playthrough of how I would like it to sound on guitar. Also, if anyone knows of any solo clarinet pieces I could study to get a better grasp on what it would be more fitting for the instrument, that would be very helpful. Thanks!
  25. This is the first semi-completed piece I've written for my composition masters degree, and the first one where I was told to write something for a specific concert. The brief was to write a guitar duet, maximum 4 minutes. Not having much of a clue about writing for guitar, I just sat down and notes came out and I wrote a piece anyway. This is the first finished draft of it which I will be giving to the players and discussing with them. The idea behind the piece was to have a piece in near constant harmonic and rhythmic movement, always changing in feel, morphing gradually from four beats in a bar to three beats in a bar without any sudden obvious change. The cross noteheads from bars 85-96 will be some sort of percussive effect, and I'll discuss that with the players when I meet them to see which effect fits the best. I'm probably most interested here to see how convincing the harmonies are to people - my tutor liked most of the piece except for a couple phrases, which I have (hopefully) already improved for this draft.
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