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A Celestial Fantasy: Impressions of the Night Sky for String Orchestra

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This is my first string orchestra piece that I have attempted (also for double string orchestra), and I finished it after two weeks. This can be played by one or two orchestras, and I might have this piece played by my school's string orchestra. Almost the entire piece is played in legato. My favorite part of this entire piece is Section I.

Here's a sentence of what I feel from this piece: A flow of swirls and magic fill me with warmth, love, relaxation, passion, and a desire to gaze at the grand night sky with its stars...

I used works from certain composers like Ralph Vaughan Williams, Holst, Ravel, and a few others as examples to learn. Because I'm relatively new to composing for orchestra, I'd like some feedback on this piece.

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Perhaps I'll take a closer look at this later, because you seem to have a pretty good idea of the vision you want, but if I'm going to make one comment right now, I would advise you to fix your enharmonic spellings of chords. For example, in measure five, you have an Ab in the first violin, but it must be a G#, because you're spelling an E major chord, which does not contain Ab. In other words, G# is the major third of E, not Ab. That would be a diminished fourth, which doesn't exist in this style of tonality. Yes, they are different. Another example is the measure right after, where you have a Db in the first violin in a D∆7 chord, which means that note must instead be a C# because the major seventh of D is C#. 
I don't recall it being a huge problem throughout the rest of your piece, but I think this is a good learning point for you.

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