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Mangrove Lake Swans - Moonlight

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I'm sure most of you guys know about my post-rock band "Mangrove Lake Swans". The Last single I was published, called "Far away in the dark". It was my first post-rock track and I'm sure I can be much better in this genre. Now, I would like to post second single track of my one-man-band here to know your opinions about it.

This is my bandcamp link : https://mangrovelakeswans.bandcamp.com/track/moonlight

And song details :


DAW : FL Studio
Instrument : Ibanez iJRG200u
VST Instruments : Addictive Keys (Grand piano preset) , FPC Drums
VST FX : Fruity Reeverb 2, Blackhole Reverb, Guitar Gadgets (Niagra Falls preset), Fruity Delay, Fruity Parametric EQ2


I also posted piano part notes!


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Hi, I like the "dirty sounds" that you use here.  I think it's a good rendition to that reminiscence of the moonlight sonata. Most important is the atmosphere you create. It's dark, ¿scary?, romantic?... I like it.

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