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Night of the Dryads

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A while ago I decided that writing for wind band was something I wanted to seriously pursue. After a couple false starts this year, I finally got going on a second wind band work (after 'Aviary', which was performed twice last year), and gradually worked on it over the last two months. It's now become my longest single-movement work so far, and I'm quite proud of a few of the ideas in it. I'll soon be sending it around to a few conductor friends of mine to see if anyone will be willing to play it, but I'm pretty sure that someone will somewhere. The score still needs a bit of polishing here and there but I'll leave that for if/when I have to make some presentable parts.

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Well that was just wonderful!

9/10 from me. Very well made, very well orchestrated,

you actually made a 9 minutes piece with the one same theme,

I can't write a 6 minutes piece without adding a second one.

Very impressive, I'm sure that the conductors you know will be glad to perform it with their orchestra.

One thing that bothered me was the fact that I didn't really feel any obvious climax,

but maybe that's what you intended to do.

Also, I think that the fact that at the beginning it isn't stable rhythmically,

and then it becomes more and more stable helps to the feeling of progression.

If I had wrote this piece, I'd probably write a one or two pages story,

to guide the listeners, to give them the atmosphere.

Tell them about the forest spirits.


I wish you good luck with that,

please upload the performance once you get it!

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