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Fantasy in G minor, Op. 4, for Violin and Piano

Theodore Servin

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I wrote this little piece while still composing the Piano Quartet, Op. 3. Actually, I was sort of taking a break from writing it, having just finished being part of a small chamber music festival for students, where the first movement of the quartet was premiered. The piece was written for a violinist friend of mine, named Sophia Molina. The piece had 2 performances, both of which Sophia and I played in.

Here is one of the performances, the only one I have on my Youtube channel:



I hope you all enjoy it. 🙂


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It happens the same to me with this kind of pieces. I'm fonder of more contemporary languages, and when a piece like this comes across, I listen to it several times. Sorry, my taste is a bit on the contrary. Contemporary music gets my attention immediately, but I need more than one listening with so tonal pieces.

That said, I like your piece, I think it is well written, particularly the violin part shows up nicely. The piano is also good, great support but with moments of passion. So don't pay attention to my words, it's a matter of taste. This style of yours, I would say, is late-late romantic, very interesting. You've done great work here, and it works perfectly.

Congrats to the violinist, too!

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