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Any Insights?

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Hi colleagues, what are the biggest challenges in your creative process when composing music?


And what current solutions do you use to solve them?

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From your profile pic I guess we're talking about rock or pop or something else where the big part of the attention goes to the words, 

therefore when people compose for this kind of music, assuming that they already have words, they won't really have to use all they have,

and most of the time they'll choose not to use all of their tools because the main focus should be on the words.

I'm talking about most of the times, in your profile picture the singer stands in the front center so I assume that she's the main player.


Now, giving that, the only thing you might find challenging is fitting the music you have in mind to the words.

Of course, making a catchy chord progression isn't difficult, and you don't have to pay much attention to the small music parts,

unless you want a solo and then... I'd give the player the freedom to do whatever he wants.


So, since our only problem is fitting the words into the music or the other way around-

there is no one way to do that. 

I'd say- since the words are usually the important part in these things,

write the words first and then sing them in your head.

That's your melody, now add a simple bass and chord progression and there you have it.


I did it about a month ago when an animator asked me to score her short intro video.

She gave me words and I made... I think ten versions of intros.

She chose one, wrote words for it and sent them to me.

Then I sang the words in my had, knowing that she wants a super happy and carefree piece to accompany it.

In the end she changed her mind and said she isn't going to pay me and I told her no deal,

but I still have many music intros I could use for later projects.

Here are the words (might not be exactly the same because it was changed, the clarinet should be replaced with voice):

"It is long and uncertain

 when I look up ahead
the horizon seems foggy

time to get outta(\out of) bed


When all seems against me
And the road's filled with rocks
Though the journey is long

the rocks will turn into blocks

I remember each and every day
Rocks are just blocks  

that will guide me,

they will pave me a way


No they won’t keep me down,

I will fight from within
all my fears I will conquer!

And by that I will win!"


Here's the music I came up with:


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You should not doubt. I think good shoes should help you be sure. This site helped me a lot. I recently presented my son with variety shoes. He performs a lot and should always be in a tuxedo. The music started to sound better.

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