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The Secret Life of Puppets

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Hello YC, I posted this music before but without the video it is meant to interpret. I am happy to be able to provide the whole experience now. This animated feature by the Brothers Quay is something I always wanted to score. The original score is by Leszek Jankowski, which I replaced and added FX's and foley sound to. I hope that you like it. https://www.facebook.com/100000289764062/videos/2268723976480572/

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Thank you very much, Luis. It really makes a difference to see and hear everything together, doesn't it? The Chinese dulcimer helps it sound exotic in addition to the minor modes and diminished scale. The last cue is the most tender of the music that imparts the puppets with a little bit of humanity. You can still find the original score on youtube. I'd be interested in your opinion on that.

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