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Chromatic Sketches

HoYin Cheung

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Hello Everyone,

I wrote this piece out of boredom today and is sort of an experimental piece on timpani and the effect of chromatics and scale stacking. Hope you enjoy it!



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Interesting piece but the timps came over too incessant and...well, I've had no experience of pedal timps - can they be returned at the rate you expect? 

Nicely varied, a fairly virtuoso piano part and about the right length.  It was enjoyable at that length but I think I'd have had trouble if it were longer. It sometimes pays to experiment and this piece has its moments. However, I know nothing about "scale stacking," and presume this is an academic term. 

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Again, work on the notation of the rhythms... using 4/4 sets certain layout expectations for the player.
You have a lot of confidence in your timpani player. It's not impossible, especially with 5 timpani, but certainly harder to retune them especially near the end of the piece. Timpani scales are part of audition repertoire, but typically much slower for obvious reasons.

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@Monarcheon @Quinn

Yes, for sure there should be 5-6 timpani or it wouldn't work well, I guess. And 2-3 players required, too. I should have specified more clearly on the score. 

At most excerpts, the phrase is going up or keep alternating between 3-4 notes. So to make it playable, the players may have to distribute their parts well, such that one of them can be playing while others are re-tuning their timpani, and so on.  

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