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Jeudi (Thursday in French) for string ensemble by Sabriel Guindon

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Nice work!  You might want to substitute an expressive marking for the staccato dots on every note, or you can mark the first few bars, and then add "sim." to indicate that the staccato continues through the piece unless otherwise indicated later.  

For the 2nd violins at the end, you could remove the staccato marking, add a slur over those notes, and let them just flutter their finger back and forth like a trill for the same effect, but something more playable.  Fingers move back and forth faster than bows.  

You might find this helpful, to answer future questions about conventions of string writing:  https://wiki.youngcomposers.com/Orchestration:_Techniques_of_Strings_-_Part_I

Thanks for sharing, and welcome!


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