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O Magnum Mysterium

Samuel Tang

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I compose this O Magnum Mysterium just for fun lol. But I've put enough effort in it to make it sounds nice. Any advice and suggestions will be appreciated.

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I think it sounds great, and any intermediate to good choir could sing this well. One things I'd be aware about is overusing dynamics. I can understand giving specific dynamics to have the computer sing it the way you want it performed, but there's a lot of clutter that would get in the way of singing the music. I think the best course of action would be to simplify the dynamics. Or leave it more to the interpretation of the choir director.

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Thank you “Some guy that write music” for the great suggestion. As you may have guessed, I put the dynamics in just for my own interpretation of the music, and it is totally fine for any conductor to do it in different way. Especially towards the end of the music, the high notes of the soprano has a decrescendo which is really hard for them to sing. And the “clutters” are meant to sing in a small volume, which will sound amazing in a setting for a church/cathedral choir, and the choir can hold as long as the conductor likes. Thank you for the suggestion though, I will considerate some amendments for it 🙂

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