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Hi Guys,
This music is my version of the "The Dark Knight" soundtrack. It's in same orchestration and mood, but with my original melody. 
I created a poll about the film music, if you want to vote next time, follow me on Facebook! 🙂
Would you like to support me? Share my music, and leave me a comment below! 


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Samples are all staying one-level dynamically, especially in the intro. Watch through a visual eq or something to see which ranges are moving dynamically and which are stagnant. I can hear it especially in the electronic string pad in the background - your brass, synths, and melodic strings are much more flowing. Great job with the trailer-esque percussion. Not easy to nail that but you did! Around -1:30 it would be cool to enter some variation to the texture and/or melody. Cut something out, change it to pulsating rhythmic synths or strings, re-orchestrate it, change the dynamic. That was probably your moment to effect a build for the listeners. Great change at -:39. Biggest comments are dynamically this stays within a pretty limited range. Expand louder and quieter to give yourself some more color (could also effect some of these changes with velocity). As a composition it's mostly good, I'd listen for when I've heard "too much of the same or similar", then add or cut or change something once to make it fresh again.

Good work!


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