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Agnus dei

Samuel Tang

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So I cannot sleep and I composed this Agus Dei. Not gonna be perfect and will continue working on it. Attached are the audio and pdf score file

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I love it, you've got some fantastic ideas. I loved where you moved to the thick chords, it mesmerizing. One thing I liked especially was your miserere, it's quite interesting. There are a couple things I'm  not sure about.

My first thing is that you have the sopranos singing high Fs, Gs, and As softly. This is pretty risky, firstly not a lot of sopranos like doing that, secondly musical directors like it even less when their sopranos have to that (in a piece like yours where everyone has an important part of the chord). 

When it's just the sopranos and altos, I find it less interesting, like on m. 35 and 36.

That miserere feels like it could be better, but I'm not entirely sure if I should give my personal insight on that, because it might just be a me thing.

m.28-30, I don't think that Bass 1 part is necessary, I think it'd be better in the tenor part.  Especially with how important that Bass 2 part is in that series of chords. 

Also for your cadences at the ends of phrases, you don't need to put a fermata over each chord, I know you might be doing it for playback but ti doesn't hurt to mention. Putting a rall. says the same thing. 

I think this is a nice sounding piece, with some great parts, and couple parts that need that flat iron finish. 

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Lot of good advice from Some Guy, especially about high notes and volume.
In terms of dissonance treatment, there are a few odd standouts: 
m. 10, B in soprano and a C that resolves to B in tenor. To match the resolution pattern of the previous measure, and most classical music, the dissonance occurs on stronger beats.
Same kind of comment regarding m. 36 and the contrary motion away from a weak-beat dissonance. 
To me, the miserere just seems kind of choppy. Maybe you could use more imitation instead of just having individual moments.

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