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Canon in Bb

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This is one of my first compositions. It is a canon in Bb for a woodwind quartet. It is also at the unison. Here is the video of it:

Like Pachelbel's Canon in D, it has a ground bass instead of the melody being repeated in the bass. And the only reason the clarinet part has a key signature of Bb is because I had it on the concert pitch setting. So the pitch shown in the clarinet part is the sounding pitch, not the pitch that the clarinettist would finger for.

And here is the pdf file so that you can see which instrument is on which staff.

What do you think of it?


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How much did you want to emulate the counterpoint rules of Pachelbel's canon? In mm. 4-5, already your leading tone resolves by leap to the 3rd, etc., etc... This is especially noticeable from your second to last measure to your last measure.
Even if you weren't trying to adhere to the rules, some of your notes have lots of close-knit dissonance leaps that don't really resolve in a suspension or retardation format and end up sounding non-fluid.
Your chord progression is somewhat weird, since you have a I - V - IV6 - IV which creates this strange little portion of static harmonic movement. 


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