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Theodore Servin

Fiorituras in Sibelius 7.5

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Hello everyone,

Is it possible to write fiorituras in the manner of Chopin or Liszt in Sibelius 7.5? Sort of like this:


What I am trying to do is create arpeggios in the left hand/right hand parts in a piano score with a similar number of notes as the fiorituras in the Chopin nocturne above. The piece I am writing in is in 6/8 time. Is possible to accomplish?


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I would assume so. Here is how I would do such a thing in Musescore, the notation software that I use:

Put in a rest for the length of the tuplet

Notes -> Tuplets -> Other

Set the number of notes in the tuplet.

Now input the notes for the tuplet

That is, unless I know that one of the notes in the tuplet besides the starting note is in sync with the beat. If that is the case, then I would input it as multiple smaller tuplets to make the beat divisions easier to see for the musician.

And given that Sibelius and Musescore are similar in sophistication, I wouldn't be surprised if there is a way to do longer tuplets in Sibelius. I just don't know because their personal plan is like absurly expensive($80 a year just to be able to do col legno and other techniques? Um, no thanks. I would rather just use Musescore because I know it is going to stay free and maybe a decade or 2 from now will be even better than Sibelius at everything).

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Thank you for your suggestion. The way you have described writing long tuplets on Musescore is the exact same way to write long tuplets on Sibelius. However, my main problem is that if I were to try to put the section from the Chopin nocturne above EXACTLY the way it's written on paper on Sibelius, with all of the fiorituras as they are, I wouldn't be able to. For example, it's impossible to write 18 eighth-notes (quavers) over 4 eighth-notes, without getting the message "This is too long to fit in this tuplet", blocking my attempt. I suppose I should just resort to trying to write multiple small tuplets (maybe even tuplets within tuplets) as you have suggested, because making these tuplets in the way that Chopin or Liszt would write them, is apparently impossible on Sibelius.

Again, thank you, @caters, for taking the time to answer my question.


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Hi, Theo. Here's how I handle that issue.

Change the time signature to whatever you need to so you can make that tuplet. Then hide the time signature and the tuplet number. You can also make all the tuplet notes "small" notes through the function with keypad. You can see that I did that with Sibelius (quite effectively, I think) using that method on page 16 of the attached document.

I realize I'm a little bit late, but I hope this is still helpful.

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