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Yowza it feels like forever since I've had time to hang out with y'all!!

I've been doing some sketching (mostly for piano, to focus on simplifying my part writing), and explored the idea of creating a melody based on the rhythmic grouping of 5+4+3+2+1 (a half note), and 6+5+4+3+2+1 (a half note), etc. It's not my best sketch, but I decided to orchestrate it for wind ensemble and I think the end product is pretty nifty. I'll post the orchestration and the original piano version if you want to compare. Any thoughts are welcome!







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Hey, man, come back more often 😞
I like how you were able to write a piece in Dorian/any mode really that doesn't sound gimmicky, at least in terms of the harmony. Accenting the 6 felt incredibly natural, which is great, because a lot of composers always play into their modality too much and ruin its novelty. 
I might break up your longer time signatures into smaller ones and/or use the dashed barline to denote metrical sections. By the 24/8, I was feeling a little bit wary of all of the tonic repetitions. I appreciate you mixing it up with some displacement, but maybe you could have some inner voice fun there instead as the piece goes on.
Cool little thing!

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Good ideas, I wish I'd considered those! I'll go back and make some notes in my score so I can work on that, especially the inner voicing idea.

I'm not sure when I'll be able to come back again. I teach 5-12th grade instrumental music and work 60-70 ish hours every week just about all year... I'm way swamped by my work right now especially as I have marching band summer camp and beginner band camp going on, but hope I can talk to my admin about my work-life balance. I miss you guys so much, hanging out with other people who accept my music (and its many flaws :D) is such a high point for me.

You rock, Monarcheon!


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