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It's all ended. Now on to a new world.


This has been improvised then edited so the sound quality might not be that good..


Edited by Hyunwoo Kim
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A decent composition! The arpeggios around 2:25 & 3:45 were really exciting. To me, it gave a much needed sense of motion. I might try to find ways to incorporate more of that into the piece as a whole. Right now it just kind of "floats" there, without moving much. I suppose that's probably the intention, since your subject is Heaven.

I'm not in love with the audio editing. I would do two things now to improve it: (1) transcribe the final version and (2) use a computer playback or re-record it straight through. That way you don't have the cuts and bumps. If you choose to go the re-recording route, look up some tutorials about microphone placement when recording pianos.

Good composition, keep it up!

Gustav Johnson

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I agree with a lot of what Gustav said. This is a lovely piece, very poignant! I can excuse the editing weirdness considering many of the works here are simply mocked up rather than professionally recorded, so it's not out of the ordinary to hear less-than-stellar recordings. Still, I'd encourage you to make a new recording (whichever way you choose) that way wherever else you post this, people can hear a more polished version. Nice work!

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