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Play On.mp3This is a piece i wrote two years ago. Found it in my google drive randomly recently. Going to try to transcribe it though I don't have my keyboard any more. Made me wanna take lessons again! What do you think? What could be worked on?

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sheet music complete with edit at the end. and new audio.
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It stinks you don’t have your keyboard anymore. I’d feel naked and robbed without mine 😭


A couple questions: when you say “transcribe”, do you mean rewrite it on the piano, rewrite it to another instrument (like guitar), or use the material to make a multi-instrument song? And, when you say “take lessons”, do you mean lessons on playing an instrument, or music theory/composition?


Anyway, as for the piece. I like it! It has the appearance of feeling loose and improvisational, but it doesn’t actually meander or lose focus. Also, I sense that you play with passion. Great job. A suggestion: at around 2:12, you start playing that 4-note figure again, A-E-C-G: I think it’d be a neat effect to simply sharpen or flatten one of the notes (even just one or two times) to add a bit of a slant to the music. A bit of “mystery,” if you will. For example, making the A a Bb for a moment would add just a little subtle spice, and a listener might say, “huh, did I imagine that, or did something change there?” Or, sharpening the C to a C# a couple of runs would be very unsubtle, and give the listener a surprise. It’s just a thought.


By the way, have you ever written sheet music out? There can be various benefits to doing so, and it makes it easier for people to give feedback on your work.


Thanks for sharing, I enjoyed listening to this 🙂

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Hey thanks so much for listening first and foremost! Glad you liked it.

I think I'm miss using the word transcribe then because I meant I'm working on notating it into sheet music on noteflight.com. And I'd like to start taking piano lessons again. If I'm lucky, I'll find a teacher who incorporates some theory into the lesson. Both theory and playing interest me. Working on learning on my own when I can.


I like your suggestion! I think that would be a cool effect. I'll play around with it as I'm writing the sheet music.


Its so awesome getting feedback from a musician with more experience. Thanks again!



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