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Long time since my last activity, I guess I'll look new here, but I'm not.

This is a little piece I wrote for a half joke half serious commission made to me by a percussion student in the conservatory I used to work, he just told me once "hey when you write something for marimba ?" i just said "yeah someday". This is it, is not very hard to play, he plays with two sticks only, hasn't been performed yet anyway.

After finishing, while listening to it, it came to my mind a sort of Tom & Jerry behavior between the marimba and the piano, hence the title.

Greetings to my old friends still around. :thumbsup: 

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1 minute ago, Luis Hernández said:

Wonderful clusters..., some of them ... I'm not sure if they're intended to be played with fingers or as a block.


They are all to be treated as chords, large chords like in jazz, classical pianists don't usually do this but in jazz is very common to press two keys with one finger, specially the thumb, so they are actually very ergonomic if you're used to play like that. I wrote with small notes the notes can be omited in case pianist doesn't feel comfortable with that, but is intended to sound exactly how is written.

I'm glad you find it good, thanks for your comment.

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On 9/26/2019 at 9:21 AM, Sojar Voglar said:

 I find it a bit too repetitive in terms of varieties of motifs. 


perhaps you mean near the ending ? I did struggle a bit pasting the piece with the ending I was already written before.


Thanks for your comment.

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