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Markus Boyd

A Schematic Approach to 18th Century Music

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Over the next week or so, I am going to be conducting an analysis on Carl Friedrich Abel's Symphony No. 6 in E-Flat Major, Op. 7, WKO 18. Those familiar with some of my posts will be somewhat familiar with some of the terminology which I will be using. This type of analysis has been introduced by musicologist Robert Gjerdigen, who offers an accessible means to understand music that one may otherwise gawk at in puzzlement. Put simply, this approach understands music not by codes and formulas, but patterns. I listen extensively to music from this period, and I can attest that once you are familiar with the more common patterns, they will be instantly recognizable to the ear. 

I will post one movement at a time. If there is the interest and engagement in this sort of thing, I will look to do more. I suppose my somewhat ambitious direction with this is to develop a thriving educational hub, for there is not really any internet community dedicated to this form of musical analysis.

Here is the work for those who would like to have a listen before I go into the detail (a little history: this work was attributed to the young Mozart by Modern Musicologists when they discovered his name on the manuscript). He had in fact copied it note for note, most likely as a learning exercise). 


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