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I have finally completed this piece - No. 3 of 'Pieces for Pianoforte' Op. 21 - after months of composer's block.

I initially intended to write an upbeat piece in the key of C major that continues the East-meets-West theme (a Scandinavian halling dance with a Chinese-style tune). However, due to the development of recent global events, I have found myself sinking into short (but intense) episodes of despair. And so, I shelved that piece, finding myself unable to sincerely work on the piece. And I wrote this: a prelude in the key of A minor (ending on its parallel major, A major). Stay safe and healthy, guys! Take care!

Attached: PDF score & MP3 rendition from MuseScore.

YouTube link for live performance here. The YouTube video is accompanied with the score as well. 

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Very nice! the movement works really well and it's clear you have a distinct style. The only word I would suggest would maybe be have one or two flashy cadenza sequel runs towards the end. or perhaps a brief Presto section. which I feel could be done without sacrificing the content of the work.

Obviously it is your piece. Look forward to hearing more music

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