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hello everyone, this is my new piece, hope you like it

the video: https://www.bilibili.com/video/BV1tA411i7zF/

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Beautiful, Bravo. Truly a gorgeous work, what sort of form would you consider it? a nocturne or something? 

A few thinks that I though of. 

The main motif I think is a bit too repetitive in parts particularly from where you bring the A theme in and play it in octaves. 

The embellishments were really good, personally I'd recommend more of them. 

I feel the structures a bit loose, I think if you restructured it somewhat you could build towards quite a furious section then decrease before the end. for me the ending felt a bit anticlimactic. 


I really like this piece. keep up the good work.:)

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I really liked this one too, especially your melody. The pentatonics were a nice treat, and I liked the Chopin-type figures. (I kept thinking Cosmo Canyon from FF7) 😄

Overall, I felt the melody was a bit repetitive, especially since your form felt like a theme and variations. The left hand was a bit dense too, take advantage of the piano's ridiculous range!

Great piece, seems like you haven't been around though. My absolute best advice is to post on other's works; you will get a lot more feedback!

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