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Only a simple Alleluja


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Dear all, it's great to see all your amazing works here. I found this site by chance and would like to share with you a very very simple Alleluja that I composed two years ago for a choir. From time to time we sing it in our services.

I'm not a professional composer at all but I love doing music esp. singing in choirs.

I'm interested in such simple works for church services that can be easily sung by non-professional choirs. But I think it's difficult not to compose very boring things. What are your experiences with these subjects?



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4 hours ago, Luis Hernández said:

Hi, using midi is a handicap for many of us. Better an mp3 file, we can listen to it just clicking.

Thank you! I changed that.

4 hours ago, Luis Hernández said:

It sounds nice, but there is an omnipresent tonic in measures 1, 3, 4... Many times the note is written three times as part of the chord. I think the harmon could be reacher avoiding that

That's right, Luis, thank you again! Will do another version with different chords - I have some ideas and have to fix it this evening. 

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