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Notationwise- you should use several voices instead of one voice with slurs.

Regarding harmony-

*you might want to use more daring intervals rather than sixths and thirds all the time. I saw some seconds too, but some more could give you... more spice.

*You come back to the tonic in it's most complete and basic form far too often in my opinion. You might want to travel around a bit, maybe even transpose, end on different tonics or maybe a tonic with the "wrong" bass note, just to give the feeling that "we're not done here just yet".

About that: image.png.1474eb4ede6b00714ae72cf61a077559.png 

I believe that:

1. this should be more accurately notated as you have a bass clef but the notes appear on the treble's lines.

2. you might want to spread the chord in a different way around.  (bigger intervals on the lower pitch [could give you a clearer sound], maybe add some notes beyond the basic triad...)

Same goes here: image.png.4698c03bb67a7cf53da1ea3c3f5949d1.png You can change the clef in the middle of a line.

I did like the journey we went through starting around 1:16, though I expected it to take us somewhere else rather than the beginning.

Your choice as the composer, those are simply notes of my opinio'



*oh and you might want to consider adding more voices and thinking of the piece as made of different voices (like a piece for a choir) it does sound baroque-ish in a way...


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