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In the Corner, a Scary Monster

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A short tune I composed near Halloween which features the bassoon (and contra bassoon), depicting a "scary" monster putting on a false bravado!

Trying to get back in the swing of composing and posting and reviewing works.

*whew* I'm out of shape, lol.

Gustav Johnson

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Replace audio & score
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What a nice little jig!  I hear a little influence from "The Sorcerer's Apprentice" by Dukas.  It has the same sort of house-on-stilts kind of feel to it LoL.  The contrabassoon does add a sort of "haunted woods" sort of feel to it.  It brings to mind wood or the monster could be trotting from foot to foot.  Nice job!

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Great little piece! Really impressed at how well the expression comes across even despite the Sibelius soundfount quality. Kinda wish it was longer, but I guess you managed to express all you wanted to within those 30 seconds (which is pretty impressive in itself). It does have a very Halloween vibe to it – I particularly like the way the piccolo and bassoon complement each other, it really adds to that 'haunted woods' feeling.

Just a note on the scoring – I think that when you have a line of single notes on a paired woodwind staff, you're always supposed to indicate who's playing (a2 if both, otherwise 1. or 2. respectively). I saw you did that for the bassoons at the beginning but not anywhere else, which leaves it ambiguous for the players. Also, I believe it's usual to specify the number of players (e.g. '2 bassoons' instead of just 'bassoons'). That's all – great work, thanks for sharing!

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removed line breaks
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@Alexander Reiger Thanks for the feedback Alexander!

I'm woefully bad at producing work longer than ... well, short things like this, lol. My wife says I'd make a good ringtone composer - it's like I'm cursed and can't write anything longer than miniature. "Clipart Composer..." Woot, haha.

Per the scoring issues, you're 100% right and I should probably practice that professionality when I write. Hard to find the motivation when there's really not much a chance this piece (or any others) will get performed, so sometimes I settle for "eh, close enough" when I should take the extra step - an easy thing to fix IF anyone ever wanted to perform it.

Thanks again!



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