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Comments from the composer: (I edited the place-name that the composer had included in hopes of maintaining total anonymity.)

"So here's my submission for the fall competition. Its a scherzo for a string quartet movement in rondo form, using material derived from the waltz itself. The main theme starts off with the diminution of the competition's material, followed by borrowings of other parts of the waltz. The second subject (b33-40) paraphrases the waltz material from b18 to 20. The third's first subject (b88-89) derives from the actual theme itself with the rhythm modified (the 2nd to 5th notes), and its second subject (b104-105) uses the first four notes of the theme in a rather grand way.

The piece, in quasi-classical form, is partially inspired by Beethoven, Mozart and a piece from a friend, which in turn was inspired by Shostakovich. The piece was meant to reflect the architectural Victorian style of the prominent historic building in XXXXXXXX - the Victoria Concert Hall - which is also a famous arts venue here. 

Attached also here are two audio renditions - one from the music software programme (WA000), and another modified through Soundfront (WA0015)."

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