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I need singers!! (No one needed)


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Hello People... I just completed my Cantata. I would like some help from the community, everyone doesn't like the "ahh" sounds the VST choirs make. So I was wondering if I can get a few people to sing the Soprano, Alto and Tenor Parts? I can sing the Bass part, unless you have some choir experience or you think you are a really good bass singer. (I'm alright, but my main instrument is Tuba, I'm not a singer, but I can do it.) I attached a audio clip of me singing the Bass solo in Verse 4.  

I will attach PDF's the Piano reduction and the solo part for all SATB.

You don't have to let me know, if you want to be apart of this. Just send in your videos and I will let you know if there is anything that needs to be fixed or if you made the cut.

*Legal Stuff*I will be uploading the finished product on my YouTube Channel. By taking part of this project, you agree to let me upload it to YouTube, and If I can monetize my videos in the future (I can't right now), I will receive all the revenue. You will of course receive credit for singing in the description of the video and your name included in the credits portion of the video. There will also be the chance for you to have a link to your YouTube channel (if you have one). 

Thanks to those who read this, and to those especially that participate in this. 

Soprano: Verse 1 & 2 & 3 & Chorale

Alto: Verse 1 & 2 & Chorale

Tenor: Verse 1 & 2 & Chorale

Bass: Verse 1 & 2 & 4 & Recitative & Chorale

I suggest you download all the files you need.

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Your tenor parts are pretty low so although I'm usually a baritone I could totally sing your tenor and bass parts if you want, however you need to set up some practice tracks of JUST the sections you want recorded. Also for the solos I suggest adding a piano reduction (if you're on finale this is easy because it's an option in the tools section I believe, you just highlight the sections you want in the piano reductions and boom you're done besides some formatting) so the soloist can know what they're supposed to be hearing underneath otherwise its hard to tell if you're singing the right notes without playing along. I think your cantata sounds very nice. I'll do it some time in the next couple weeks, but I'm telling you that if you want other people to actually do this and sound good, make it easier by creating practice tracks that start where you want them to sing I don't want to figure out where the basses start singing or recount 20 measures. You're asking for more than 10 minuets of singing which takes a lot of effort to set-up and do.

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Thank you @Some Guy That writes Music, I can get you a reduced Piano version. Thanks for that tip, this is my first time doing something like this as you can tell. I'm extremely thankful that you will be recording the Bass and Tenor. Here are all the files you will need... I broke it up into the individual parts and movements. 

Again thank you for helping me out, is there a name I can put you on for the video? Again, it will be public...

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